Jazz Puzzles (Vol. 1)
by Bo Lindström and Dan Vernhettes
Foreword by Bruce Raeburn
Published by Jazz’Edit in a limited edition of 500 copies
240 pages (24 pages more than Traveling Blues, for the same price), English text, 300 illustrations, Format: 26 cm x 28,5 cm, offset quadri

Presentation and research of the same quality as “Traveling Blues.”

Available at a cost of 40 euros per copy (+ mailing 10 euros) on www.jazzedit.org or directly at jazzedit@sfr.fr Also at Bolm@telia.com

“The aim of this work is to allow the reader to reconstruct the history of the music that was to be called “jazz” in 1916, not in a linear way, but through portraits of some of the Louisianian originators of this music. Each portrait supplies the names, exact dates of each protagonist of this history, also some elements about the social and political situation of the epoch, and is illustrated with photographs, un published maps and illustrations (some of them rare), as well as a discography (when the musician has recorded). The Buddy Bolden chapter also studies the question of the formation of the new music at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries."

Forwords 5
Acknowledgments 8
Chapter 1 John P. Robichaux 9
Chapter 2 Buddy Bolden 29
Chapter 3 Manuel Perez 59
Chapter 4 Ernest and Jerome Coycault 75
Chapter 5 Joe Oliver 85
Chapter 6 Chris Kelly 105
Chapter 7 Freddie Keppard 117
Chapter 8 Lorenzo Tio 149
Chapter 9 Arnold Métoyer 161
Chapter 10 JEvan Thomas 165
Chapter 11 Punch Miller 173
Chapter 12 Buddy Petit 195
Chapter 13 Sidney Béchet 215
Chapter 14 Kid Rena 227
Index 239