Jazz Puzzles (Vol. 1)
by Bo Lindström and Dan Vernhettes
Foreword by Bruce Raeburn
Published by Jazz’Edit in a limited edition of 500 copies
240 pages (24 pages more than Traveling Blues, for the same price), English text, 300 illustrations, Format: 26 cm x 28,5 cm, offset quadri

Presentation and research of the same quality as “Traveling Blues.”

Available at a cost of 40 euros per copy (+ mailing 10 euros) on www.jazzedit.org or directly at jazzedit@sfr.fr Also at Bolm@telia.com

Everyone interested in the history of jazz music has long been puzzled by the mysteries surrounding its origins. Many facts especially concerning the lives of musicians, were not reliably documented, and we are left with countless questions: How did jazz emerge in Louisiana?...
What is its real chronology?...
What do we know of the creators - from names such as Buddy Bolden, Joe Oliver, Freddie Keppard, Sidney Bechet to lesser-known musicians who were just as involved - the McNeal brothers, Frankie Duson, Tig Chambers, Manuel Perez, Ernest Coycault, Chris Kelly, Buddy Petit, Evan Thomas, Lorenzo Tio, Arnold Métoyer, Kid Rena and many others?...
What was their ancestry and cultural backgrounds?...
Where did they play?...
“Jazz Puzzles” supplies many of the answers. In 14 thoroughly-researched biographies of early, influential musicians, the fuller picture starts to emerge. Through a diversity of personal lineages, lives and achievements, the shadowy figures of the musicians involved take on the mantle of real people and the history of early jazz in Louisiana begins to unfold. Illustrated with many rare and original photographs, maps and documents, including an original map of New Orleans showing sites with addresses of 124 places where musicians played and lived, a map of Chicago jazz venues, and complete discographies “Jazz Puzzles” is not only a history book and a jazz book, but a fascinating picture book that is hard to put down.

Forwords 5
Acknowledgments 8
Chapter 1 John P. Robichaux 9
Chapter 2 Buddy Bolden 29
Chapter 3 Manuel Perez 59
Chapter 4 Ernest and Jerome Coycault 75
Chapter 5 Joe Oliver 85
Chapter 6 Chris Kelly 105
Chapter 7 Freddie Keppard 117
Chapter 8 Lorenzo Tio 149
Chapter 9 Arnold Métoyer 161
Chapter 10 JEvan Thomas 165
Chapter 11 Punch Miller 173
Chapter 12 Buddy Petit 195
Chapter 13 Sidney Béchet 215
Chapter 14 Kid Rena 227
Index 239